First Look: Marina & The Diamonds

April 10th, 2008 by admin

Female singer-songwriters had a banner year in 2007, with figureheads in this post-Lily-Allen-or-whatever movement like Kate Nash and Laura Marling killing it with major label deals, sold out tours, critically acclaimed releases and all kinds of other next-level shit. 2008 seems to be yielding more of the same, with industry heads shitting themselves over the likes of Lykke Li, Florence & The Machine and other left-field pop talents of their ilk. One such artist who’s flown under the radar to this point is Marina & The Diamonds, but her star is very much on the rise and you better believe you’ll be hearing a lot more about the Welsh-born chanteuse in 2008.

More Kate Bush than Kate Nash, Marina writes, sings, records and produces haunting piano-based tracks in her bedroom and the results are totally ace. Though I’ve heard but a scant three tracks, I don’t think it’s too soon to declare her a special talent worth writing the fuck home about. Tracks like “We’ve Got Obsessions” and “Hermit The Frog” establish her as a beacon of hope in the oversaturated and increasingly dull London singer-songwriter scene, her endearing personality shining through in her winning lyricism, and her powerful vocals and excellent lo-fi production validating her as the total package. Below is “We’ve Got Obsessions”, arguably her strongest track and, somewhat surprisingly, my most listened to song of 2008. Vulnerable, beautiful and damn near perfect. I get chills every third listen or so when that part when the beat drops after the first verse hits.

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