Girl Talk, Live @ Chop Suey (Seattle), 01.27.07

November 13th, 2007 by admin

It’s been ages since I’ve been motivated to post a live set, but this is some seriously hot shit. Anyone who’s seen Girl Talk in 2007 knows that his live shows are completely off the chains, thanks in large part to his pro-stage invasion stance and his tendency to flesh out his sets with completely new remixes and mash-ups alongside his officially released material. I’ve seen Girl Talk thrice now, in three different cities along the Eastern seaboard (Boston, NYC and the Chocolate City, naturally), and have been completely owned on every occasion. That said, Girl Talk is best enjoyed in the company of absurd amounts of alcohol, so memories of exactly what was played are a bit hazy. Fortunately, one Brian Connolly was on hand at the Seattle show last January and was able to lock down a near-flawless soundboard (not soundboard?) recording of the show. Not only that, but he also took the time to at least attempt to give us some sort of coherent tracklisting by creating titles for each of the tracks. So yes, let’s all take a minute to thank him. Alright, we good? Cool.

Now feast upon this masterpiece of a bootleg. I made some artwork for it which you’ll find above, or in high resolution at the link below, as per usual. I’m not gonna bother with uploading all the individual tracks since we all know the individual downloads don’t work anyway, but I’ve upped the whole thing as a .zip file to a couple different file hosts to make sure everyone can access it. There’s no real point in discussing the set’s highlights as the whole thing’s just one big highlight in itself, but “Digital Hustlin’” (Rick Ross’ “Hustlin’” and “Digital Love”), “Whoomp Wit It…” (”Carry On My Wayward Son” gettin’ cosy with “SexyBack” and “My Love”) and the moment when he drops “Call On Me” and “Drop The Pressure” in “Bounce That” and “What A Fool Know About That” (respectively) are pretty fucking exciting to say the least. I’ve uploaded “Digital Hustlin’” and “Whoomp” as individual MP3’s, but you’d be wise to just go ahead and download the whole thing from the links below.

High Resolution Artwork:
[Front Cover]

Download: Girl Talk: Live In Seattle [follow link] [Alternate Link]

Girl Talk Murders Seattle:
01. “Give me like, three minutes.”
02. (Crowd Noise)
03. “Girl Talk” (Radio Chatter Intro)
04. “SPOON MAN!” (Introduction)
05. “Ring The Alarm Once Again”
06. “What It’s All About”
07. “Stuntin’ By The Lights”
08. “Doin’ It Bossy”
09. “Pump This Party”
10. “Work It”
11. “Need You To Set It Off”
12. “Loving Changes, Hating Changes”
13. “What A Fool Know About That”
14. “Kryptonic Train Ride”
15. “Whoomp Wit It, Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It” [Alternate Link]
16. “Digital Hustlin’” [Alternate Link]
17. “Run This Motherfucker”
18. “Just Need To Stay Fly”
19. “Galang-nologic”
20. “Ain’t No Other Love Triangle”
21. “Bounce That”
22. “Smash Your Head”
23. “I finally feel like I’m Spoon Man!”
24. “Nuckin, Buckin, Gettin’ Some”
25. “Lay It Back And Drop It”
26. “Pump That Pussy, Don’t Back Down”
27. “Peak Out”
28. “From The Muddy Banks Of Seattle”

So there you have it, one of the illest live recordings I’ve ever come across. Once again, massive thanks go to Mssr. Connolly, as this is something seriously special.

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