The Rapture: “Get Myself Into It”

August 17th, 2006 by admin

The Rapture are a very polarizing group: they have a rabidly loyal fanbase that eats up anything they release, but they have more than their fair share of haters. Though past releases have kept up this attitude with challenging instrumentation and Matty Safer’s yelp-singing, “Get Myself Into It” is, for better or worse, much more straightforward. Safer’s vocals are still urgent, and the vocal hooks are just as, if not more, infectious as on previous outings. They are, however, more glossed over, due to Danger Mouse’s slick-as-usual production. It’s a more neutral Safer on this track, and that could definitely turn off hardcore fans of the Rapture’s earlier material.

This is not meant in any way to slight “Get Myself Into It”, as the lead single for the upcoming Pieces Of The People We Love it is one of the most instantly catchy and overall fun songs so far this year. There’s no grace period with “Get Myself Into It”. The first time you hear it, you’ll either be sold or not. I was sold, and I imagine most others will be. The chorus is outrageously straightforward, which is always a hit-or-miss proposition, but The Rapture pull it off gloriously, creating an instant singalong. As usual, The Rapture add unique instrumentation to the track, most notably the striking horns that help buoy the chorus. In essence, The Rapture have created a perfect summer jam: instantly recognizable with impossibly easy lyrics and an unequivocally upbeat feel. The Rapture may not have been the first band a hipster would consider able to make a song that literally anybody could like, but they’ve certainly succeeded with flying colors; “Get Myself Into It” seems equally at home nestled between “Promiscuous” and “SexyBack” as it does “Obstacle 1″ and “In This Home On Ice”.

The b-side here is a “disco edit” courtesy of Prince Language, which, um, doesn’t change the song at all really (snooze).

“Get Myself Into It” – The Rapture
MP3: “Get Myself Into It” (Prince Language Disco Edit) – The Rapture

Bonus MP3: “I Need Your Love” (Ewan’s Stay In School Mix) – The Rapture

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